The Team

Nimish Shah
Senior Partner and Vice President - North American Sales & Marketing, BPM, Corporate Services & IT

Nimish heads business development for SKP’s finance and accounting outsourcing function. He is also involved in building relationships in the North American market for SKP’s business advisory and execution services for companies interested in doing business in India. With his expert knowledge and years of experience in information technology, he has built SKP’s technology backbone and also heads the information technology and automation teams. He has been instrumental in bringing dramatic efficiencies and redefining how rule-based, repetitive tasks are performed. He led the certification of SKP’s information security management system under ISO 27001.

He is a past member of the American Group of Businesses, a consortium of Indian subsidiaries of US-based software companies, and was also the past president of the Software Exporters Association of Pune, India. Before joining SKP, Nimish was the Vice President, Business Development for a US-based software-product company.

The 360-degree way of life

Nimish believes in working with the commitment of a partner and the dedication and discipline of a vendor. His ability to create tailor-made solutions for each client is born out of passion, stemming from his absolute belief in the services SKP provides.

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